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Email Clicks: Was it the Dog or the Vodka?

Thursday, November 21, 2013
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Workbox recently sent out an email that requested recipients to “like” our Facebook page. We got a click-through rate of about 3% (which is so-so, our best was 8%), and satisfactory results (a fair number of “likes”).

But what people actually click on is most interesting to us.

34% on the Facebook thumb and text linkWorkbox email click rates

26% on Sophie the dog and a bottle of vodka

13% on the screen image

10% on the Workbox logo

The rest of the link clicks were negligible

The lessons from this:

1. Simple, direct calls to action work.

Readers quickly recognized the Facebook thumb, and acted.

2. Text links work.

They look clickable.

3. Photographs of attractive things work.

We’ve seen this for many campaigns. People click on faces and cute animals. Since the Sophie dog and vodka pic is so far down the page in most email clients, I was surprised by how many people clicked on it. Our missed opportunity was not having complementary text on the other side of the click (like a story about a dog and vodka … which might not be such a good idea, really). This could also be a statement about the types of people Workbox has in its network!

4. A little personality helps.

It just gets harder and harder to cut through the online marketing noise, so we have to do things that stand out and attract a bit of attention.

FYI, we didn’t do any a/b testing, but maybe next time. We hope you find this useful!