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Get Fortified: San Francisco Web Design Shop With a Difference

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
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fortified-studiosMy good friend Steve Muller just launched a new web design & dev company that focuses on helping digital and ad agencies with sophisticated online work. They do very, very cool stuff.

Here’s what Steve says:

“We have just launched our new company, Fortified. Our goal is to provide web and mobile development, technology and expertise to digital and advertising agencies.

We’re a proven team of seasoned pros with decades of experience in interactive software development for top-tier brands and agencies. Chris Brant (Technology Director), Steve Muller (Executive Producer), Dave Cole (Interactive Director).

By operating as a fully project-managed team, we deliver efficiency and a single point of contact for agency producers. From Requirements Gathering to Quality Assurance and everything in between, Fortified Studio delivers the software components that allow brilliant digital creative to perform brilliantly.”

You may be wondering why I’m giving Fortified Studios a shout-out when they seem like competitors to Workbox. But, we’re actually pretty different.

1. What we build is different. Workbox mostly builds marketing websites that are like a platform for online marketing – marketing sites, blogs, lead gen stuff, content management systems, basic
analytics & SEO. These sites often stay useful and alive for 3-5 years. Fortified, however, is more campaign-focused: micro-sites, landing pages, online initiatives that are usually part of a specific

2. Our markets are different. Workbox works with small to mid-sized businesses, start-ups, biotech, small-caps and the team members who are tasked with online marketing. Fortified usually works with digital or ad agencies to provide a unique level of expertise that the agencies don’t have in-house.

Also, Fortified’s practice is complimentary to Workbox’s sister company, MarketFlare. MarketFlare ( runs aggressive, sophisticated search engine marketing campaigns that
dramatically improve return on ad spend. I’ll be talking more about MarketFlare in the future.

In any event, Steve’s team does great stuff and I hope the digital and ad agencies take advantage of their expertise!

Cheers, Eric