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How Much Does A Website Cost? The $25,000-$200,000 And Above Range

Wednesday, June 09, 2010
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In last week’s post, I covered the gigantic $200 to $25,000 range of website budgets. And before that, I introduced the “comparables” idea and outlined this series of posts.

Now, we get into the high-end stuff. You’ll see larger businesses, more sophisticated design, deeper functionality and powerful online marketing techniques. And for the really big companies, the websites will include tight integration with internal business processes and a higher level of consulting.


Dream Garage NimbleFish

Dream Garage is a blend of business models: publishing, user-generated content, advertising/affiliate revenue, permission email marketing. To make it all work required expertise in design and development, and great client communications.

Nimble Fish needed a sophisticated marketing website to match its sophisticated products, services and solutions. Again, a site this good requires the work of dedicated designers and developers.

  • Web and online marketing consulting.
  • Sophisticated CMS.
  • 3rd party service provider integration.
  • Custom development.
  • Custom analytics and reporting.


RainX Banner Engineering

When you get to this budget level, you’re a larger company, the design is top-notch, and the website is more tightly integrated into the business structure. Also, larger companies require more reporting and communication, and the teams that help larger companies need the structure and support to handle them.

Rain-X’s website doen’t just look great, it works great. It quickly pulls you into the online sales process. It has tons of content and features. And it’s super-SEO-friendly.

  • Web and online marketing consulting.
  • Sophisticated CMS with multiple language/localization management.
  • Ecommerce.
  • 3rd party service provider integration.
  • Custom development.
  • Custom analytics and reporting.


ClickRiches ClickRiches - screen 2

This site takes an idea and turns it into a business. The project required creating relationships with 3rd parties (like eBay), and a lot of custom development work and UI design.

  • Business-process and technology consulting and development.
  • Local, high-end design.
  • Very sophisticated online marketing features.
  • Customer management and administrative features.
  • Ecommerce customization.
  • 3rd party analytics integration.
  • 3rd party API “mash-up.”

$200,000 and up

Walgreens Walgreens - screen 2

Big companies like Walgreens need more than great design and solid technology. They need efficient processes, accountability and planning that brings all the various stakeholders together. There’s a good chance the site is integrated with Microsoft SharePoint or some other enterprise systems.

  • Sophisticated content management and workflow features.
  • High-end UI design.
  • Sophisticated reporting and analytics features.
  • 3rd party ecommerce and CRM integration.
  • Systems integration (like the pharmacy functionality).
  • Ongoing maintenance and enhancement.
  • Business-process and technology consulting.
  • Custom development.

I hope this series of articles helps clarify the prices you might see or budgets you can expect when you consider your next website project.


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