Workbox Integrated Online Marketing Solutions

Workbox partners with online marketing powerhouse MarketFlare for its technology and marketing services to provide our clients with industry-leading online marketing results. For natural and paid search marketing, we provide:

  • Thorough research and competitive analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Industry best practices
  • Integrated marketing and optimization solutions

Workbox helps you figure out what marketing tactics will work best for your business, then creates a plan to achieve realistic goals – go for targets that can realistically be accomplished with your resources. Targeted goals, targeted markets, targeted strategies, targeted tactics.

In other words, you benefit from our years of real-world online marketing experience and the latest techniques and technologies: we know how to gather intelligence, build and implement programs and campaigns, and then get the results you need to dominate online.

Workbox will give your business a targeted online market domination package:

  • More acquisitions (customers, clients)
  • Increase paid search performance (higher CTR, lower CPC, better ad position)
  • Better natural search results
  • Higher site authority (pagerank)
  • Improved online reputation
  • Stronger aesthetics & website usability

Our process:

  • Define realistic goals and identify key performance indicators.
  • Review current web marketing activities.
  • Conduct broad and targeted analysis of market and competition.
  • Create an online marketing plan that includes best practices and innovative, strategic recommendations.
  • Put the plan into action: build and implement programs and campaigns.
  • Measure results, refine and improve programs and campaigns.
  • Create recommendations as markets and technologies evolve.

We Always Start with a Comprehensive Plan

Workbox’s consulting process gives you a plan that covers these topics – the guts of great, targeted online marketing – but could include other areas that apply to your company’s unique targeted marketing requirements:

  • Paid search
    • Content networks can offer high relevance, low CPC
    • PPC ad messages
    • Paid search campaign recommendations
    • Return on ad spend and PPC
    • Paid search competitive intelligence overview
  • Affiliate marketing
    • Affiliate promotions – beyond affiliate arbitrage
    • Affiliate compliance plan for PPC
    • Target true content affiliates
    • Super affiliate opportunities
  • Competitive intelligence
    • Your competitor tactics that work
    • Channel merchandising activity
    • Social media competitive intelligence
    • Natural search competitors
    • Paid search competitive intelligence overview
  • Email marketing overview & best practices
  • Natural search
    • Off-page SEO recommendations
    • On-page SEO recommendations
  • Online reputation management
    • Pro-active online reputation monitoring & management tactics
  • Site design aesthetics, interaction design, info architecture
  • Social media optimization

Dominate Online with Proven Partners

MarketFlare and Workbox give you the experience and insight we’ve gained from handling the “heaving lifting” of competitive web marketing activities for major brands.