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From Russia With HTML: Any Femme Fatale Spies At Workbox?

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Since all our clients know that Workbox’s development team is in Russia, and I (Eric Weidner) travel to Russia, they might be wondering: “Is Eric a Russian spy?”

From Russia With Love

Or, since I am American and travel to Russia, maybe the Kremlin is wondering if I am a U.S. spy.

Or maybe our team in Russia are spies – but for the Russians or Americans?

You’ll have to forgive my flippancy, but you can see how confusing “intelligence,” “counter-intelligence,” “counter-counter-intelligence,” etc., can be!

The spy business can seem particularly silly after reading Malcolm Gladwell’s New Yorker review of Ben Macintyre’s book, “Operation Mincemeat” (Harmony; $25.99).


The Spy Who Loved MeIt seems that everybody is spying on everybody, and everybody’s spies are being lied to by everybody else’s spies. So you have to wonder if it is really worth the time and energy since the spy business seems to get it wrong about as often as they get it right. However, regardless of their effectiveness, the spy agencies command nice bureaucracies and budgets, so we can be sure they won’t be going away any time soon.

And to reassure everyone, Workbox is a regular old web design, development and online marketing company that works with real,Boris and Natasha solid businesses, and, to my knowledge, neither I nor any of my teammates are working for U.S. or Russian intelligence.

Finally, expect to see Russia expel about a dozen alleged U.S. spies shortly. At least, that’s what my inside sources tell me …


Eric Weidner