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Tetralogic Pharma: Molecular Compounds Are Cool

Thursday, September 18, 2014
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When Tetralogic Pharmaceuticals (ticker: TLOG) asked us to redesign and rebuild their website, they had what we call a “first generation” website. That means the site contained content, design and functionality that was accurate and appropriate a while back, but now needed to be pumped up.

TLOG carousel molecule design


TLOG architecture image designContent architecture – First, we worked with their marketing team to determine what new content needed to go into the website, and how to arrange it. We all decided that the headings “Science,” which discusses their compounds, and “Clinical Trials,” which covers the specific applications of their compounds, made the most sense based on their current status.

WordPress – Then, we determined that, based on their content needs, WordPress would be the best solution for the site’s content management system. Also, we created a custom “publications and presentations” feature that lets them manage the various formats and content associated with medical publications and “posters,” whether they’re hosted on Tetralogic’s website or are off-site links. We also added a simple JQuery “carousel” feature to the homepage – just 2 images, nothing too crazy (jCarouselLite).

Logo and brand refinement – Their entire brand color system was a little drab, so we added some color and polished up the logo. The logo’s basic design was unchanged, so they didn’t need to throw out all their old business cards, but can replace them with the new logo going forward.

Also, we designed “branded” images to add some interest and life to otherwise dry areas, such as navigation and content boxes.

TLOG infographicImages and infographics – We don’t care what anyone says, molecular compounds are cool. And Tetralogic builds ‘em. So, we designed on-brand, colorful versions of their compounds based on scientifically accurate renditions. We did this for their Birinipant and SHAPE compounds, and tidied up some charts that help tell the story of what they actually do.

Investor relations – Tetralogic uses NASDAQ’s investor relations service to host and distribute investor information. Fortunately, NASDAQ makes is very, very easy for web developers like us to work with them and integrate their data into the website. You can see this in action on their homepage and news page.

PowerPoint – After getting the overall look and feel done for the website, we rebuilt their corporate presentation PowerPoint to reflect their new branding.

Tetralogic is delighted with their new site and Workbox thanks them for letting us help tell their story to the world.

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