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The Breadmaker Who Started A Revolution

Thursday, March 21, 2013
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Workbox is delighted to announce the relaunch of La Brea Bakery’s marketing website, La Brea Bakery is rightfully considered to be part of the vanguard of artisanal bakers who revolutionized what Americans consider “good bread.” La Brea Bakery is also unique in being able to continue to make amazingly high-quality breads while scaling the business – I get ’em hot out of the oven at my local Whole Foods here in San Francisco.

For the website, Stephanie Heald created the beautiful (and practical!) design, and our dev team customized WordPress so the site is easy to manage.

A few highlights:

  1. Homepage animated “scroller” integrated into WordPress.
  2. Tightly integrated social media “share” features.
  3. Store locator – Google Maps and internal database integration.
  4. Recipe databases – consumer and foodservice.
  5. Blog – “The Bakery Report”
  6. Product database integration including ingredients, nutritional information and related recipes for consumer and foodservice.
  7. Technical SEO, video & image sitemaps.
  8. Mobile-optimized site (soon to launch).

Also, we should give shout-outs to: Evolution Bureau, Direct Partners, Banyan Branch, The Culinary Agency and Bill Schreiber for their invaluable assistance and feedback along the way to La Brea Bakery and Workbox.

La Brea Bakery