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Top 2 Tips for Blog Success: Learn from Workbox’s FAIL

Wednesday, February 05, 2014
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> Tip #1 – Give away stuff that has some value.

> Tip #2 – Give away stuff that has some value TO YOUR MARKET!


Workbox’s blog has one fairly popular post that got more than four times the number of hits as our second most popular post this year, and has massively increased traffic to our blog and website.

This post discusses our WordPress plugin which makes it easy to create galleries of embedded videos on pages or posts from videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia. The plugin is free, and has been officially downloaded nearly 7,000 times. As a matter of fact, because of this plugin, is our biggest referrer of web traffic.

Here’s the post:

Here’s the plugin page:

Hurrah, Workbox!

But … the blog post really does not appeal or even relate to the people who hire us (or, in marketing terms, “our market”).

In other words, the people we want to attract are not attracted to our most popular blog post or our freebie!


The plugin is downloaded by other development shops and website builders. That’s fine and we’re delighted people find it useful. Also, it’s nice to give back to the WordPress community, our developers are happy to work on something that other people like (kudos!) and it gives Workbox a certain amount of WordPress street cred.

However, these web developers don’t hire Workbox. As a matter of fact, they may be our competitors! Professional marketers are our market.

So, here’s what we learned:

Tip #1 – Give away stuff that has some value.

This post and plugin is popular because it offers more than our opinion on some marketing issue – it’s a real piece of software that WordPress designers and developers can use right now. It saves website builders a lot of time and effort.

Tip #2 – Give away stuff that has some value TO YOUR MARKET!

We love the WordPress community, and are very happy to support it with our free plugin (which we actually love and are continuing to support and improve). But, as far as attracting our market … not so much.

So – what would attract professional marketers to a blog post?

Brilliant tactics? Scotch? Puppies? Chocolate? Have any suggestions or ideas? Let us know!