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Transaction Tombstones Tell the Tale: Launches

Monday, December 09, 2013
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The Workbox team is extremely pleased to announce the launch of Builder Advisor Group’s new website at

Site details:

1. Content management system – WordPress

2. Website and logo design – Workbox’s Stephanie Heald

3. Photography – Jon Wollenhaupt at

Unique feature: Transaction and “tombstone” manager

bag-transactions-01aFor people unfamiliar with industries that do transactions (or “deals”) like private equity firms, a “tombstone” is an image that shows some details of the transaction. Tombstones may be embedded in trophies, appear in publications or PowerPoint slides.

For private equity firms, they are a sign of success. So, it is important to be able to present them appropriately and impressively on a website.


1. Automatic image sizing. Image files are automatically resized based on which page they appear on, and where they appear on a page.

2. Attach to firm service page. For example, Builder Advisor Group’s Mergers & Acquisitions page ( shows only tombstones that represent M&A deals, as opposed to Capital Raising or Debt Restructuring transactions or projects.

3. Automatically appear in chronological order, on the Transaction page, on services pages and in the homepage Jquery carousel.

4. Select which tombstones appear on homepage carousel.

About Builder Advisor Group:

The BAG team provides capital raising, debt restructuring and mergers & acquisition services to the residential real estate industry. They have advised over 50 Homebuilder mergers and acquisition transactions valued at over $8 billion and raised $10 billion in over 50 debt and equity issuances for publicly traded and private Homebuilding companies.


September 23, 2016 at 8:24 am

Hi. Is the tombstone manager a public wordpress plugin, or something you have developed for in-house use only?