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WordPress for Biotech & Pharma: It’s All About the Pipeline

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
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Potential investors, partners and employees often judge a biotech company’s success by its technology pipeline and the possible revenue stream that pipeline can generate. Similarly, pharmaceutical companies are often judged by product phases and the probability of receiving health authority approval for the products in their pipeline.

Either way, it’s all about the pipeline. So a pipeline’s presentation must be up-to-date, accurate, easy to understand and professional looking.

That’s why Workbox developed a handy plugin that makes it easy for biotech and pharma companies to create and maintain pipeline charts on their websites through their WordPress CMS interface. This plugin can be customized to match a website’s style and particular functionality and content requirements, and link up with individual product description pages so site visitors can click directly to a product page to learn more. Additionally, a “mini” or truncated version of the pipeline can be created to fit into small spaces on individual pages.

Ardelyx (

Ardelyx’s website (which Workbox recently launched) includes 3 basic elements: program (the compound or drug), indication (what the program is targeting) and the phase (status in the approval process). All of these elements are managed through our WordPress plugin so they can update the content in minutes. Additionally, the phase “bar” can show a percentage of progress within a specific phase, and, although they are not currently using this feature, the programs can be categorized.


Ampio Pharmaceuticals (

Ampio’s pharma pipeline is very similar to Ardelyx’s; however, they show the indication under the product name, rather than in a separate column.


Ampio also uses the pipeline plugin to manage their diagnostic product pipeline, although it is a little simpler (no indication is shown).


The Workbox team will post the code for this plugin along with some notes on how to configure it in a week or so. Please note, this will not be a simple, plug-and-play plugin, but will require advanced configuration. We hope other WordPress developers find it handy and will give us feedback.


Eric Weidner