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Workbox Video for Vimeo & Youtube Plugin Version 3.2.1

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
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We are happy to announce that we recently released version 3.2.1 of Workbox Video plugin!

The updated plugin now has been tested to be compatible with WordPress 4.9.4. and is even more fun to use thanks to a reviewed set of features!

Here is the plugin page.

Here’s our sample page.

Features Overview:

  1. Use drag&drop to sort videos within a category (i.e. gallery). To select videos of a certain category for sorting, click the respective link above all Videos list: Sort in Category1, Sort in Category2 etc.
  2. drag-and-drop-workbox-video-plugin

  3. Reverse order of all videos within a category with one click from Edit Category interface.
  4. Use YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia URLs.
  5. Add a title, description, or a custom thumbnail (URL) to your videos.
  6. Show or hide the Play button in Videos > Options
  7. Add a video gallery to a specific post or a page in the Edit Category interface. The video gallery will show on the bottom of the selected page or post by default.
  8. Use the following shortcode to embed your video gallery to any specific place within a page or post: /workbox_video_YV_list gallery_name=”category_name”/
  9. Align gallery thumbnails vertically or horizontally on a page or a post. Select the gallery you want to update in Admin panel -> Videos -> Categories and check or uncheck the checkbox called “Stack videos vertically” at the very bottom of the Edit Category page to stack videos vertically (default setting) or display them horizontally.
  10. Specify how many videos in a row should show (if displayed horizontally) using the “Count of video in line” field in Videos > Options.
  11. Specify how many videos per page to display in Videos > Options.
  12. Add custom styles to your video galleries using CSS Options in Videos > Options.

Here is how the plugin works from a content manager’s perspective:

  1. In Admin Panel > Videos > Categories, create a new category.
  2. In Edit Category interface, add a name, description (optional) and select a page or a post where the video gallery will be displayed. It will be then added to the very bottom of the selected page or post. To add a video gallery to anywhere within a post or a page, use the shortcode: /workbox_video_YV_list gallery_name=”category-name”/
  3. video-category-interface-video-plugin

  4. In Admin Panel > Videos > Videos, add a new video.
  5. In Edit Video interface, add a title, description (optional) and the video URL (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia). You can also specify other additional video parameters using Custom Fields if needed.
  6. In Edit Video interface, select the category where the video belongs.
  7. Repeat steps 3-5 for as many videos as is necessary for creating your video gallery.
  8. add-new-video-workbox-video-plugin

  9. In Admin Panel > Videos > Videos, click “Sort in your Category name” to reorder videos within a certain category using drag&drop.

That’s it!

Let us know if you have any questions re the plugin in the comments below or on the plugin support page.