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Workbox Clobbers Project Management and Bug Tracking Issues With Acunote

Thursday, May 20, 2010
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gleb_readyHaving a reliable bug tracking system is a key to successful functioning of a web agency. Many companies prefer developing something in-house. In a lot of cases, and this is something our experience shows, the outcome is a low-performing system and lost development time.

There is another path to go – using a ready-made solution of which there are plenty on the market. Most of them are paid and some are not very efficient. Workbox has seen and tried various solutions for bug tracking and here’s what our experience was:

  • too much time to install and configure, create users, permissions, passwords, projects, phases, tasks, subtasks etc
  • slow performance in use – every action or edit takes time for page to reload
  • problems organizing access for clients (guests) to see the process “from inside”
  • too hard to find the necessary information

Workbox has started utilizing Acunote Agile project management tool. The advantages are clear:

  • it’s free
  • no time or software or server space required to install and get started since it’s a web-based solution
  • you get a branded URL for your bug tracking portal, e.g.
  • easy to configure: create new users, projects, assign permissions and access
  • intuitive easy-to-use interface, ajax based – almost no page reloads, everything is done in a split second
  • Acunote has tools to monitor team’s activity and forecast how busy everyone is going to be
  • I know we’ve already said this, but it’s free!

See some screenshots below.

Bug list

Project metrics chart

By: Gleb Aksyutchenko