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Workbox WordPress Video Gallery Plugin Update: Horizontal & Vertical Alignment

Thursday, August 15, 2013
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What’s new: You can now make your gallery thumbnails align vertically or horizontally on a page or post. To control this, go to Admin panel -> Videos -> Categories and click to edit the gallery you want to update. At the very bottom of the Edit Category page, you will see a checkbox called “Stack videos vertically” (see screenshot below):


If the checkbox is checked, the videos on the page or post will be stacked vertically. This is the default setting. This means that if you were using a previous version of our plugin and then upgraded to 2.3, all your galleries will have this checkbox checked. To display them horizontally, you will have to uncheck it for every gallery.

Here’s how the videos will appear on a page/post if they’re stacked vertically:


Horizontal orientation:


Thank you to all the folks who have downloaded and used our plugin, and for their active assistance in making it better – and a big shout out to Declan McAllister who requested the horizontal/vertical orientation feature.

> Download the Workbox WordPress Video Gallery Plugin for Vimeo, Wistia and YouTube here.