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World Cup Prediction: Octopus Beats Workbox Website Design Challenge

Monday, July 12, 2010
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The Workbox team graciously admits defeat to the hands … er, tentacles, of Paul the Octopus who has correctly chosen all the World Cup game winners this year.

Workbox compared Spain’s and the Netherlands’ websites and decided, after much deliberation and vodka, that Oranje utilized social media much more effectively, which gave the NL site the edge. Unfortunately for Workbox, the quality of the website did not match the quality of the team play, and La Roja took the cup.

Here’s our original post:

Our only consolation is that Workbox will be around for the next World Cup and not have to go up against such a fierce competitor, because Paul the Octopus, at 2 years of age and with a life expectancy of 3, will probably not live to so see the next games. But, what a glorious life he’s had!

Cheers to Spain and best wishes to all!

Eric Weidner, President & CEO, Workbox, Inc.