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Yep – Workbox Does WordPress

Thursday, January 29, 2015
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wordpress-logo-simplified-rgbWe don’t just “do” WordPress, baby. We make it fly!

Some folks believe that all WordPress sites look the same. Sophisticated developers and designers (like us) can make WordPress look however we want – and however is appropriate for your business.

Do these look like typical WordPress sites to you?



You don’t have to have a massive “hero” banner image. And you don’t have to look like every other San Francisco start-up.

Also, to prove our awesome WordPress prowess, we developed two unique plugins, and one of them is kind of popular: (over 12,000 downloads at last count).

It’s true that WordPress can be a resource hog, and it isn’t always appropriate. That’s why we have Ruby on Rails and our wonderful Dvelum platform for more sophisticated sites and apps.

Anyhow, don’t let anyone tell you WordPress sites all look the same!

Yours, Eric Weidner